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It’s my own name I’m afraid of forgetting.
Your true name is written here," she said tapping his chest. "Tattooed on your heart. You don’t let just anyone read it.
He shifted uncomfortably. “I know.


I want you to know my name,” he said. “The name I was given, not the title I took for myself. Will you have it, Alina?” […]
Yes,” I breathed.
After a long moment, he said, “Aleksander.” […]
His smile deepened and he cocked his head to the side. It almost hurt to see him this way. “Will you say it?” he asked.
I hesitated, feeling danger crowd in on me.
Aleksander,” I whispered.
His grin faded, and his gray eyes seemed to flicker.
Again,” he said.

(Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising)


hadestown fancast: o r p h e u s   &   e u r y d i c e

Orpheus, my heart is yours
always was and will be
it’s my gut i can’t ignore
orpheus, i’m hungry
oh my heart, it aches to stay
but the flesh will have its way
oh the way is dark and long
i’m already gone
i’m gone


If it’s true what they say
if my love is gone for good
they can take this heart away
they can take this flesh and blood
take my mouth that kissed her mouth
take my tongue that sung her praise
in the dark where she lay
if it’s true what they say
i’ll be on my way

Jesse Williams as O R P H E U S
Jamie Chung as E U R Y D I C E



gonna be roadtripping in california with my family for the next couple of weeks so i won’t be here unless there’s decent wifi at whatever motels we’re staying at. but even then, i probably won’t have the time to do much, if any, blogging (although some people might see me liking posts here and there)

and i don’t have much of a queue going on but i do have a few gifsets that should post periodically over the next two weeks :))

SO YEAH BYE GUYS ^________^

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